Saturday, June 13, 2015


(I'm just rambling)
Maybe it's because the most I've ever "indulged" in this franchise was when I was little and had maybe 3 or 4 of the toy ponies, but I just don't get why My Little Pony is so appealing, especially to adult men who most likely don't even have any kids. I get that it's probably a show that is supposed to teach people "life lessons" and whatnot, and that's great for everyone, but then there's the people who sexualize the ponies, or "fall in love" with the ponies? Like, there's porn of these cartoon characters. (Well, there's porn of everything, it's the internet, but still)

Look, I don't care if some adult man likes this show, that's fantastic and all, but it gets a little creepy and goes over a little far when you start developing feelings for these fictional cartoon characters or you start sexualizing them. I just don't get why this is a thing that happens???

I mean, this is apparently a real, not a joke, message someone sent to some guy, "Kevinsano", who both draws and receives porn of the MLP ponies, requesting they no longer have any affiliation with "Twilight Sparkle" in terms of pornography due to her being the guys fiance. Is this actually forreal? Are there really guys who have married fictional cartoon animals?

Honestly, when I think of bronies, I think of that one episode of Bob's burgers where Tina's really into these horse toys and she goes to a convention that is ALL about the toys and the show they're based off, and when she gets there is just all these adult men in horse costumes and there's no other kids around and these creepy old guys con her out of her favorite pony toy because it's "rare" and it's just an over-all very weird episode.
I have nothing against bronies, over-all, but I mean, I just think it's odd and some people just take it too far.

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