Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kids and Guns

Kids are curious, and love to play. As the ads suggest, if they find it, they'll play with it. Make-up, sex toys, even condoms and tampons. Why? Because they think it looks like a funny sword or weird balloons, or just stuff they can stick on themselves and then use their imagination.
You know what else a kid might think is a toy if they find it? Guns. There's loads of toy guns on the market, from Nerf guns to just those generic black plastic guns that don't really do anything besides sit there while you point it at stuff and making noises.
There's so many cases of a child finding their parents gun and thinking 'Whoa, this is so cool, I so want to play with this!' and so they run off to a parent or a sibling and they aim it at them, thinking it's a toy and won't really hurt anybody, and they pull the trigger, accidentally severely hurting someone, maybe even killing them because they just didn't know any better.
A little kid isn't gonna know the difference between a gun that can actually hurt someone and a toy gun that shoots foam missiles with the little suction cup tips, and why it's not something they can play with, it's up to you to make sure they can't get their hands on your real, dangerous firearm.

I get why some people want guns. Safety, the comfort of knowing that if your life is ever in danger, you have a weapon you can use for protection or self-defense. But if you insist on having a gun, you should have a safe that your child, if you have one or are ever going to have one, cannot get into.
As your child gets older and you feel they're at an age where they should start knowing how to use a gun, teach them everything they need to know and have them properly trained to handle a gun, for protection, hunting, whatever it is that you might use a gun for. Be safe about it.

Also, I mean, don't just leave guns lying around or have a gun collection with easy access so if your kid loses their mind like Elliot Rodger or Adam Lanza, they can't just go shoot up a school or kill several women/people.

Guns are extremely controversial, people don't just want there to be stricter laws for guns for no reasons. (Also, I mean, maybe gun laws should be stricter for cops:

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