Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bus Driver Issues *Rant/Vent*

Anything written here that may come off as obnoxious or an over-reaction is just what I was feeling at the time and this was written as a way to just get my thoughts out and so that I can get passed the situation. If you don't like anything I wrote here, fine, you don't have to.
Also, I mean, it's all over the place with it's content because my head was just a complete mess at the time.

So, last night I got really irritated and blogged about why on tumblr, I'll insert that post here:
image"So, tonight I changed my cover photo on facebook to this:
<----- And a guy friends list says “Is that another photo of you?” and it was just so unnecessarily rude, like, why would you even put that comment? What were you even trying to say? That I look like a monster or I’m hideous or something? I don’t get it. I just don’t.
Was there a point? Were you trying to be clever and funny? Like, this guy is just… I just don’t like him. As a person. He’s like my father in that I feel like I can’t really be myself or have any fun when he’s around because he’ll just make a fucking comment that ruins everything. I even had to make it so he couldn’t see any of my statuses on facebook just to feel less restricted. I don’t even know why I kept him on my friends list for so long anyway.
I did not feel good at the time he made that comment and I still don’t either, so I blatantly told him to fuck off and he has the audacity to say “As you wish, dark lord.” Are you kidding me? You can’t tell I was annoyed and/or bothered by your previous comment so you just have to be a fucking sarcastic prick? What the hell? I don’t even care if I’m over-reacting to this shit, it was all just so unbelievably unnecessary.
I mean, I could get it if it was like, an obvious joke or we had the kind of friendship where we just understand when we’re not serious and whatever but I never had that with him. He is either always serious, or always seems serious and I don’t have the kind of friendship with him where those comments are something I know is a joke or that I think is funny. We don’t even talk so I don’t get why he would just comment that out of nowhere. Anytime he ever commented on anything on my facebook just came off as rude or snarky and it’s just annoying. He and I just, quite honestly, never got along.
Also, his name is Brandon. Which, I mean, it’s not a bad name or anything, it’s just that Most if not every Brandon I’ve ever known or met or heard about has wound up being an asshole in some way or was just always an asshole. Like, this one Brandon I grew up going to school with, in high school he stood by me in the hallway while I waiting for the bell to ring so we could go to class and I look at him and sarcastically say ‘what do you want’ (I was literally not being serious at all) and he walks away and some girl decides to stand up for him and say ‘he can stand wherever he wants, besides you don’t even count as a human being’ or something along those lines, and he just thanked her for that and acted like what I said, which was sarcastic, justified her saying that I don’t count as a human being. Like that was even relevant to what just happened. How is anyone ever justified in saying that to someone else? What she said on his behalf was worse than any sarcastic comment I had ever made to him. That guy always wound up making me feel like shit. Another time we were talking on AIM, like we were having an ACTUAL conversation in that we were talking as though we were actually good friends and apparently because of this, it was like I was a different person to him, in that was the first time we had actually decently got along and were able to just talk to each other about things and so the next day he starts talking to me like I was being weird the previous night for not acting like a freak online. Like, look, I have never really felt comfortable being myself around this guy because he just never made it seem possible. We never really got along. We never really tried to get to know each other. We were just never really friends, and the way he was acting in that he acted as though he knew me so well that it was such a surprise when I acted in an unexpecting manner, was just so weird and it just, frankly, bothered me." 
Now, when I get irritated or upset or I'm bothered by something, I tend to wind up just getting hit in the face, figuratively, by bad thoughts or memories and one memory that came to mind last night, for whatever reason, was this one time when I was taking a late bus home with a friend 'cause we stayed after school to do something, I forget what it was, and our bus driver, Sandy, who had some reputation for being everyone's favorite decided to yell at me and force me to sit up front on the bus because I called a kid who was acting weird, well, weird. I didn't mean anything bad by it, nor was I trying to insult him. I'm weird, my friends are weird, everyone is weird in some way and it's honestly nothing to be ashamed of and if he was hurt or offended by it, he could have just told me and I would have gladly apologized, but no. Sandy heard me saying that about him to my friend not even him, and she called me to the front and threatened to kick me off the bus if I did it again.
See, the thing is, we were in an area that I was unfamiliar with, and she would have literally just left me there, all because I called some kid weird. I was 15, most 15 year olds are immature and do something they probably shouldn't, but I could have called him worse tbh, but I wouldn't have because he didn't do anything to deserve it, but I could have and yet all I called him was weird. (it's like the one time I commented on coppercabs facebook status about him wanting to become a rapper saying that I think it wouldn't work out for him and he'd possibly get more hate than he already does/did, and out of all the much worse comments he got on that status or any of his statuses in general, one of his 'fans' picks me out of everyone and tells me I should kill myself and that nobody would miss me.)

I think all of the above stories have something in common: people over-react to the smallest thing like someone being called weird, or something being sarcastically asked about what they want and handle it with something that is, in retrospect, much worse than what they were upset about in the first place. And sometimes you just shouldn't be friends with people who you are not happy being friends with.
Take all of this as you will.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries. *RANT*

For those of which don't know, this recently came to light:
So, uh, yeah, here's my rebuttal.

Yeah, that's true, there are the cool kids and there are the 'un-cool' kids but you must have never been cool if you honestly think the "cool" kids are 'All-American' or have great attitudes or a lot of friends.
Now, obviously they're going to have a lot of friends but are they real friends? The majority of the popular kids talk down to their peers who they feel are below them and make them feel like shit.
They tend to be these spoiled assholes who just think so highly of themselves, it's unbearable. Most of the time they need a fucking slap to the face. Do you honestly think what you're doing isn't giving them more shit to throw at someone you may or may not consider to be 'ugly'? That's so harmful.

Honestly, people like this man are the reason people get depressed or feel like they're not good enough, or like they're less than their peers. This man is one reason why teenagers, or even adults, or kids, get eating disorders.
He seems, to me, like he'd be a shitty father, and as far as I know, he's never reproduced. GOOD. Any kids that moron would have raised would have ADDED to the bullying in America, just like he is.

Also, what you consider to be good looking may not be the same for another person.
By the way, what honestly makes this man fucking think that fat women can't be popular? I went to school where this over-weight asshole was one of the popular girls and she was such a piece of shit. Not because of her weight, but because she thought so highly of herself, it was fucking ridiculous. And that's funny to me because I grew up with her and her small ring of 'cool' kids and they talk shit about their own 'friends' all the god damn time. Now, that may not be the case for all cool kids in america but it was the case at my high school.
There are cool kids who are fat or over-weight all over the god damn world. The standard this guy's creating for the people he considers cool or attractive is demanding and limiting.

By the way, Mike, you certainly do have a lot of fucking nerve to be saying that 'ugly' people shouldn't wear your clothes when you look like a Caucasian orc from lord of the rings. Seriously he looks like he got quite a bit of work done to make his face look tighter.

Who the hell even wears Abercrombie & fitch stuff anymore? The last time I saw anybody irl wearing abercrombie & fitch was like.. when I was in middle school.

And not all cool people are good looking. 

I honestly feel like his interest in appealing to the 'cool' kids is because he probably wasn't a cool kid. And if he was, he seems like he'd be that 'pretty-boy' jock who gave everyone except people he considered attractive a hard time. (Lol, guess those pretty boy days are over, huh? Well, that is, if they were ever there in the first place.)

EDIT: tumblr user 10000bc made a post suggesting:
"since abercrombie & fitch destroys its unsold clothes and wont donate bc poor people wearing their clothes gives them a bad image i say everyone should donate as much abercrombie and fitch brand clothing that you have to homeless shelters so you can simultaneously piss off a shitty company and help those in need"
Personally, I think this is a great idea! Please do this.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stop using the term 'stalking' so loosely *RANT*

Once again a post that pertains to crap Onision says or what various other people say. Sorry, he's just a gold mine for controversial topics and ignorance. I feel compelled to call out this bullshit.

So, anyway...

No. You’re not being stalked
Stalking is an incredibly serious thing where someone is being followed no matter where they go, someone is staking out their house the majority of the time, if not all the time, the person stalking them is genuinely obsessed with being close to them, or wanting to hurt them or do something bad to them or whatever their reasoning for their stalking is, they’re having information about them stolen in order for the stalker to know more and they do not feel safe no matter where they go or who they’re with. There is a genuine fear for a persons safety and well-being when they are actually being stalked.

You’re not being stalked, however, and you’re not having information about you stolen in any way, you don’t have this genuine fear for your life and well-being. Any and all information about you is public in one way or another, and you’re the one who made the majority of your life public in the first place. You can’t do that and then decide to just take it all back and that’ll be that. In case you didn’t know, the internet doesn’t work like that.

Nobody is genuinely obsessed with you and if they are, it’s more than likely not a ‘hater’ but that of one of your fan girls who act obsessively over you and threaten people who don’t like you or act like you’re a god. Basically like the really delusional fan girls that justin bieber has, except they’re yours. The ‘haters’ you deem stalkers have lives outside of calling you out on your shit. They’re not obsessed and their lives don’t center around you. The same cannot be said about some of your fans, though.

You’re not being followed around in real life, plus nobody is staking out your house and watching you through your windows or planning in their dark bedrooms at night to hurt you or get to you in some way and if there are people who are actually doing that then yes, they’re actual psychos but I really don’t think there’s a lot of those. Maybe like… 3 at the most, idk.

Seriously, it’s so disheartening to see people use the word stalker in such a stupid way. Stalking is a really serious thing and can be incredibly dangerous and genuinely terrifying and using the word stalker loosely the way various teenage girls do (“ew, you went on my profile and read my information that’s public on there??? stalker much, ugh”), or people who catch someone just looking at them randomly, or the way you do is making it that much harder to take people who say they’re being stalked seriously.

Granted, writing a letter to your in laws the way Don’tstandsoclosetome did is rather creepy but he’s not stalking you, neither is Daniel. I’m willing to bet that Dontstandsoclosetome sent that out of genuine concern because of your past and how things went with previous relationships.

The ‘stalkers’ you’re so upset over are just people with blogs who want to call you out on your shit and make sure you don’t ruin people or cause any real damage. Well, more than you have already anyway.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why can't we just respect people's beliefs?

Ok, so, Onision (who tends to be more ignorant than not on the subjects he has an opinion on, read about him here) and his wife recently made various posts on facebook, (or rather, Onision did, but then his wife made a couple posts or so confirming she sees things the same way he does) shitting on christianity and those of which believe in God. He makes videos or parodies saying his opinion on things like diets (vegetarian/omnivores/vegan), cutting/suicide/depression, weight, religion, sexual abuse, rape (even going so far to explain in explicit detail how it feels to be raped and what it's like to be raped despite the fact that he's never been raped. well, as far as I know, and even then, he should only speak for himself because not everyone may feel the same way after being raped, and may not be raped the same way)

This time, it was religion. He tends to revisit everything every so often. Now, he's agnostic, and, like most things, how he views the world is, in his mind, how everyone else should view the world. The way he acts most of the time is a very 'My way is the right way and if you're not like me, or not like how I think you should be, or you don't agree with me whole heartedly, you're wrong' kinda guy, y'know?

I'm not a Christian. I see God as being a very controversial subject and I just don't believe in him, and as such, I am an atheist. However, I do not shit on people's religion, aside from joking around about it in private with just my friends whom I know will not get offended, unless they're a 'bad' christian or a bad any religion. Meaning, if they act like a fucking dick, much like the WBC acts, in the name of god, or they display  such incredibly ignorance and are just in general, assholes all in the name of God or their religion, then fine, I don't respect them and I'm not going to sit back and just let them act like they are, but not every Christian is like that, not everybody in any religion is like that and as such, you really shouldn't shit on an entire religion as a whole.
There's various reasons a person may believe in a God or a higher power; some believe in him because he brings them comfort and helps them get through stuff, figuratively. They bring peace and joy to people and I think that's a good thing. Everyone needs someone to help them achieve comfort, even if it's something you deem unconventional or illogical. It is their source of comfort and quite frankly, you don't need to fucking approve of it.

Here's what Greg wrote on his facebook:
"If mocking your god means simultaneously mocking someone who murdered/drowned nearly all his children "as punishment", your religion sucks.
"Stop mocking religion!" I'm leaving Buddhism, Paganism & the other religions alone, Christianity is an incredibly popular religion, but that doesn't make it the only one, nor does that make it right.
I would hope every decent human being would have the moral fortitude to call someone out for killing not one, not two, but countless human beings, to include children. They were all sinners? How could a baby sin? How many pregnant women died in that flood?

God is undeniably a murderer, someone who committed mass genocide. It's all in the Bible if you look it up.

You can't argue that he didn't drown them, as doing so would be questioning the teachings of your religion, so all you can do is say I'm "mean" or "rude"... but who's really wrong here? The person calling out a murderer? Or the people defending him?

God is undeniably a murderer, someone who committed mass genocide. It's all in the Bible if you look it up.
You can't argue that he didn't drown them, as doing so would be questioning the teachings of your religion, so all you can do is say I'm "mean" or "rude"... but who's really wrong here? The person calling out a murderer? Or the people defending him?"
I call out someone for committing genocide on countless people, as documented in his own book, and I am repeatedly insulted for doing so. Why? Because the man who murdered all those people is "sacred" & holy, so I guess most think it's ok for him to mass murder? To me, condoning mass slaughter by supporting the Bible in it's entirety is cruel.
If someone kills the majority of the people on planet Earth, any reasonable person would no longer consider them loving or perfect, but rather a negative entity, someone certainly worse than the devil himself considering the devil has never murdered nearly the entire planet.

You call out the Christians for Leviticus demanding the death of homosexuals and in response you get, "Respect other people's religions!!! Even though their religion doesn't respect how people are born, and promotes oppression, you're just a shameful religion basher!", you call out God for murdering nearly all his children "How dare you question our religion, everything you said is accurate, but we won't argue with that! We'll just act like you're a bad person for pointing out the obvious"! So are you saying it's ok to demand homosexual die? Are you saying it's ok to murder nearly all the people on the planet?

I would hope, as reasonable people, we would look at the actions allegedly taken in a book and judge that book for what it is, rather than cherry pick what we like & ignore the rest.

You call out the Christians for Leviticus demanding the death of homosexuals and in response you get, "Respect other people's religions!!! Even though their religion doesn't respect how people are born, and promotes oppression, you're just a shameful religion basher!", you call out God for murdering nearly all his children "How dare you question our religion, everything you said is accurate, but we won't argue with that! We'll just act like you're a bad person for pointing out the obvious"! So are you saying it's ok to demand homosexual die? Are you saying it's ok to murder nearly all the people on the planet?
I would hope, as reasonable people, we would look at the actions allegedly taken in a book and judge that book for what it is, rather than cherry pick what we like & ignore the rest.
Attacking me for calling God out for his decisions revolving around Noah's Ark likely means one of two things (1) You don't actually believe God murdered nearly all the human population, which makes you not 100% faithful to the Bible (2) You do believe God murdered nearly all of the human population, which means you support someone who has consciously killed more people than anyone in human history... in that case I would say, "In what bizarre world is killing nearly all the humans on Earth, an acceptable option?" 
His wife, Lainey, who, much like her diet, probably changed her religious opinions to match his, posted this on Tumblr:
"Fuck your faith. No one’s gonna save you."
Which is just disrespectful in general. Honestly, that's just incredibly rude, especially for people in a dark place who's belief and faith in God or a higher power is really helping them get through that. Who the hell are you to judge someone or put down what they believe in? Slowly but surely she's becoming just as bad as those of which put her down. Tsk tsk.

Now, the way I see the whole Noahs ark thing is the world was flooding because it was raining and whatnot, and that's a natural occurence, ok? It's not Gods doing or even his will. And if I'm wrong about that, please prove me wrong with sources and whatnot that I can edit this with. He needed a way to save his people (obviously not everyone would survive, but not everyone would die either) and recruited Noah to save 2 of each animal in order for them to repopulate and whatnot. Now, like you said, the bible is a book, and that's that. It's true that people 'cherrypick' what they'd like out of it, and ignore the rest but honestly, for the most part, that book is just, IMO, fiction. As far as I know, there's no proof that the majority of what happened in that book actually happened so I really don't think God ever committed a mass genocide so I really don't see why you feel the need to complain about something that might have never even happened, all so you could call those of which believe in God illogical and say they're wrong/stupid for what they believe in.
You can believe in and love God without agreeing with everything he may or may not have done, you don't have to agree with every little thing the bible says in order to follow the religion or love god, ok?

Here's what someone said about his complaints on tumblr:
"About that religious comment about "genocide" and god. I'm not religious in the slightest, but I do know that he's taking that entire thing out of context. First of all, it was originally in Greek mythology, where both are (from what I understand, mind you, I am not religious) about cleansing the world/start over, also...I'm pretty sure God wasn't the one who directly caused it (Again, feel free to correct me). The way he manipulated the context was incredibly degrading."
Now, reading the comments on these statuses, I see people comparing God to Hitler in this instance and I thought that was interesting. Yeah if God ever actually did that, it is pretty horrible, as is what Hitler did, but the thing is, they both were doing what they thought to be the best thing for their people. They didn't do it for admiration or for respect, and what they did, or what Hitler definitely did at least, is unforgivable. It's something that can never be erased and it was just an absolutely awful occurrence but he didn't do it just do it, and I know, that doesn't change anything, but What god may have done, and what Hitler did, were not things done just for them to feel powerful, or for them to be bad people.

Seriously, stop judging people for what they believe in, or shitting on their beliefs, the only time that should be acceptable is when someone is using what they believe in to hurt or insult, or control, or demean or kill a person. If they'e being a horrible person in the name of God, or whatever their religion may be, then, IMO, that's the time it's acceptable to try putting them in their place and pull their head out of their ass is what I'm getting at here.