Monday, May 6, 2013

Stop using the term 'stalking' so loosely *RANT*

Once again a post that pertains to crap Onision says or what various other people say. Sorry, he's just a gold mine for controversial topics and ignorance. I feel compelled to call out this bullshit.

So, anyway...

No. You’re not being stalked
Stalking is an incredibly serious thing where someone is being followed no matter where they go, someone is staking out their house the majority of the time, if not all the time, the person stalking them is genuinely obsessed with being close to them, or wanting to hurt them or do something bad to them or whatever their reasoning for their stalking is, they’re having information about them stolen in order for the stalker to know more and they do not feel safe no matter where they go or who they’re with. There is a genuine fear for a persons safety and well-being when they are actually being stalked.

You’re not being stalked, however, and you’re not having information about you stolen in any way, you don’t have this genuine fear for your life and well-being. Any and all information about you is public in one way or another, and you’re the one who made the majority of your life public in the first place. You can’t do that and then decide to just take it all back and that’ll be that. In case you didn’t know, the internet doesn’t work like that.

Nobody is genuinely obsessed with you and if they are, it’s more than likely not a ‘hater’ but that of one of your fan girls who act obsessively over you and threaten people who don’t like you or act like you’re a god. Basically like the really delusional fan girls that justin bieber has, except they’re yours. The ‘haters’ you deem stalkers have lives outside of calling you out on your shit. They’re not obsessed and their lives don’t center around you. The same cannot be said about some of your fans, though.

You’re not being followed around in real life, plus nobody is staking out your house and watching you through your windows or planning in their dark bedrooms at night to hurt you or get to you in some way and if there are people who are actually doing that then yes, they’re actual psychos but I really don’t think there’s a lot of those. Maybe like… 3 at the most, idk.

Seriously, it’s so disheartening to see people use the word stalker in such a stupid way. Stalking is a really serious thing and can be incredibly dangerous and genuinely terrifying and using the word stalker loosely the way various teenage girls do (“ew, you went on my profile and read my information that’s public on there??? stalker much, ugh”), or people who catch someone just looking at them randomly, or the way you do is making it that much harder to take people who say they’re being stalked seriously.

Granted, writing a letter to your in laws the way Don’tstandsoclosetome did is rather creepy but he’s not stalking you, neither is Daniel. I’m willing to bet that Dontstandsoclosetome sent that out of genuine concern because of your past and how things went with previous relationships.

The ‘stalkers’ you’re so upset over are just people with blogs who want to call you out on your shit and make sure you don’t ruin people or cause any real damage. Well, more than you have already anyway.

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