Monday, August 15, 2016


There's fans and then there's fangirls.
I'm talking about the fangirls, or the over-the-top fans who are obsessed with what they're a fan of. The ones who are possessive of what, or usually who they're a fan of.
Taking Justin Biebers fans as an examples, it's not unusual for his die-hard, "i'm supposed to be who he marries" fans to take things too hard and thus too far when he begins to date people.
With Selena Gomez, he was public with his relationship with her and it was not uncommon for many of his fangirls to threaten Selena, or wish nothing but bad things on her, or to insult her and treat her as if she were garbage.
He dating someone new now and people are already on top of them with harsh comments. There's even people calling him a snake for daring to move on from someone he is no longer with and will probably never be with again. Hell, they apparently don't even get along anymore.
I don't get it, like, what are you expecting him to respond to that with? You are verbally attacking someone he likes, someone who is important to him, and what do you expect, that he'll be grateful for it? That he'll notice you and magically realize you are the one he loves?
In response to recent hate he's stated
"I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like"
Selena's even commented on it, telling him he's in the wrong for threatening to make his instagram private in response to what people have started saying about his "budding new romance", using his fans love and support of him as an excuse for the things they say.
"If you can’t handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- It should be special between you two only,” she wrote. “Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before any one ever did."
I say that it's his instagram and if he wants to take and share pictures of his new relationship with this girl that he likes, I don't think he's in the wrong for wanting to feel free to do so on his social media without her getting attacked by Selena's fans, and his fans. Besides, the hate doesn't stop just because he stops posting pictures of her. That's not a solution.
There's the fans who love and support you, and have been there for you since day one, and then there's the fans who act inexcusably and take things too far. Don't be mad at your fans in general, but be mad at the ones who act inexcusably, because if you don't and you let them just get away with it, they'll never learn that how they're acting is wrong. He's right in saying that if you were really his fans, you wouldn't be acting so harshly towards people he likes.
Would you want people to attack the people you dated or the people you loved for pretty much no reason other than jealousy and possessiveness? It's scary, it's ridiculous.

It's like in Korean dramas where fans of some big named star will go crazy when that star dates anyone that isn't one of his fangirls, and they'll attack the person and throw eggs and garbage at the person and for what? Like, I really don't understand what you would expect to happen after that.
They're not going to thank you or fall in love with you for attacking someone they're dating. It's nonsense.

I can totally understand being protective of someone or something that you're a fan of, because you love whatever it may be and you want it to be safe because you are a fan of it and it obviously means something to you, but there's being a fan and then there's developing an obsession over it.
That kind of obsession is what ultimately led to Christina Grimmie's unfortunate death, because her killer, who started out as her fan, began to obsess over her and he loved her in a way that turned creepy and possessive and when rumors began to circulate that she was dating someone, he got mad and it took a very dangerous turn.
There's so many fans who make what someone does so worth it, but there's fans who take things too far and it becomes a risk, and I just don't understand what those fans get out of potentially ruining someone's life or relationships.
That "I'm the one they're destined to be with" thought that could turn into the "well, fine then, if I can't have them, nobody can" mentality is terrifying.

If you are a fan, fine, that's cool, but being someone's fan does not mean you get a say in their life and relationships. Take things down a notch and enjoy what you're a fan of without ruining it.

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