Sunday, September 27, 2015

Arachnophobia Can Be Crazy

I understand having arachnophobia (I don't have it). Spiders can be creepy and poisonous and nobody wants anything crawling around on them, but there's people whose fear causes them to go crazy when they see a spider, or to let their fear control their actions and then things get out of control and some crazy things happen, man.

A woman JUMPED OUT OF HER CAR, because she found a spider on her shoulder. While she was driving in reverse, and her kid got injured.
"The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a car crash involving a school bus and a "driverless" vehicle near Syracuse, Indiana, that left a 9-year-old boy injured.
The department says that the boy’s 35-year-old mother, Angela Kipp of Syracuse, had been backing the car out of her driveway on Sept. 18 when she discovered a spider on her shoulder and jumped out of the car while it was in reverse.
According to authorities, the boy climbed into the driver's seat as the car was in reverse and attempted to step on the brake but instead hit the gas, sending the Dodge Avenger into a passing Wawasee Corporation School bus. The boy was found lying outside the Dodge Avenger when police arrived.
The boy was transported to Goshen General Hospital in stable condition with minor head injuries. No children were on the bus, and its driver, Becky Dunithan, 62, of Syracuse, wasn’t injured, police said
Another person accidentally set a gas station on fire because he was using a lighter while pumping gas, in order to try and kill a spider he saw.

"Using a lighter to kill the bug, he started a blaze that quickly engulfed the gas pump.He somehow escaped serious injury and the gas station's damage was contained to one pump, which was destroyed. The incident was recorded at a Center Line gas station.
Employee Susan Adams kept calm and hit the gas automatic stop button and quickly called the Center Line fire department.
The man grabbed a nearby extinguisher and put out the flames before firefighters arrived. Later he admitted what he did, saying he spotted a spider on his gas tank and because he's deathly afraid of the critters.
He pulled out his lighter and decided to burn it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next."
Apparently, there was even a mail guy who stopped delivering mail to a single house due to a spider web?
"A spider web — and a skittish mail carrier —prevented a Dartmouth, N.S., man from getting his mail for more than a week.
Kevin Keating noticed his letters had stopped coming after a few days, but received no notice from Canada Post.
"We just thought the mail was being stolen," he said Wednesday.

Keating made multiple phone inquiries about his lack of letters, but it took eight days for him to learn the reason for the stoppage.
A carrier delivered a handwritten note on the back of a letter explaining simply, "Spider webs," followed by the date.
Keating then learned his regular postal worker would not cross the path to his front door because there was a spider web across it." - source
Gotta be honest, letting a spider deter you from doing your job delivering mail to a house is really very irresponsible. And it could fuck with the guys life. I mean, not to get too serious, but you're preventing him from getting his bills or some other important piece of mail. Just brush it away with a stick or something, man.

 For more insane stories of the chaos spiders have caused, you should check out this Cracked Article

Seriously, the lengths people will go to avoid spiders or kill them, or the mishaps spiders can cause is just so crazy. 

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