Monday, July 6, 2015

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Are Divorcing

So what? They were a great couple, they have 3 kids, and people loved them together. That doesn't mean it's going to work out and that they'll be together forever. They couldn't make it work, it got hard and they tried to fix things but they just couldn't do it so it's ending. Why is everyone crying about it and talking about it like it's something they're going through? Why are you crying over a relationship that wasn't even yours?

People magazine, for one, keeps posting about it. Like, Jen and Ben even took a trip to the Bahamas with their kids just to escape the paparazzi after letting out the news that they're divorcing because they knew this would happen. I'm sure this is hard for them, they're both having to lean on close friends and family during this time for emotional support and I'm sure their kids are having a hard time and trying to understand what's going on. I get that they're famous, but they're famous 'cause they're actors. Their acting career is what you should focus on. Not their personal and private lives.

Would you like it if strangers were prying into your relationships and making comments about your divorces and prying into your personal life in general? I don't understand why that kind of shit is accepted simply because these people are famous. I get that it can be interesting, but if you have to care about someone else's life and business, focus on the good things people are going through, don't continually share their bad and unfortunate times and make it harder or worse for the celebrity that may be going through those times.
It's simply not your business.

Also, I mean, I get that it's an attempt at making a living, but paparazzi are creeps and stalkers. That kind of shit wouldn't be acceptable if it was an ordinary person getting harassed by paparazzi, so why are they allowed to harass celebrities?

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