Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Picture Frame Strangers

Have you ever bought a picture frame or saw one in a store that had a picture in it of a person or several people, maybe even a kid and wondered who they were?

Maybe it's not really the same thing, but recently I found a baby picture while helping my mom organize because we recently moved.

She has no idea who this is, my father has no idea who this is, and they don't know who the parents are or how they got this picture. I actually kind of want to know who this is and then it got me thinking about all the people you see in random picture frames in stores. So, I wonder if this was like one of those pictures you see in frames at the store, or if it's actually someones personal baby picture that we just somehow wound up with. Maybe there's a possibility that I knew them, even vaguely, when I was little.

I'm actually really curious as to who this is, where they are now, what they're doing in life, etc. 
Also, I mean, I really love what this kid is wearing. Great outfit.

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