Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Donald Trump, Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rico *a rant*

Donald Trump is being such a disrespectful lunatic towards Puerto Rico. I feel like he doesn't actually care about any of the lives lost and the damage done, like he should, because none of the hurricanes actually effected him personally (his privilege has too much of an effect on how he acts as a president, what with his unnecessary golfing resort and the amount of time and money he spends there instead of AT WORK. when he is at work, he just makes speeches that other people write for him and tries to ruin the country. Like, Donald, you cannot just treat running a country the same way you treated running a business). especially Puerto Rico since it's outside the states.
Like, the mayor of San Juan,  Carmen Yulín Cruz, is trying desperately to help her people through this crisis that Hurricane Maria has created, but all donald did was go on A TOUR of the damage from Hurricane Harvey. the fuck?

Make America great again? or make U.S.A stand for "Unbelievably Selfish Assholes"?
Seriously, they're "lucky" it wasn't like Hurricane Katrina? is it a contest??? The damage is tragic and overwhelming regardless of how many lives were lost so far. People lost their homes, people's LIVES and LIVELIHOODS were RUINED. I'm sure at least a few people have gone missing in all of this. They don't have food, or water, or electricity. they need help (or tons of people WILL die) but instead of trying to work things out and come together for them, you call them free-loaders, say they're "lucky" and berate Carmen while holding some weird, childish grudge against her for saying your lack of action is killing them.
You are a rich, white man, you have so much power because of your position and your money but you don't even do anything good with it outside of throwing around a few insincere donations to various relief organizations just to look good or look like you care.

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