Sunday, August 27, 2017

School Dress Codes

I understand wanting your student body to dress appropriately for school. I feel that as far as most articles of clothing are concerned, it's pretty school appropriate. I mean, I don't usually see kids going to school in things like ass-less chaps or with their tits out; that would be inappropriate (and definitely distracting, but not sexually).

You know what I find inappropriate, though? The way schools handle dress codes. Too many girls have their education interrupted and delayed because of what they're wearing and how it might effect the boys educations. Are the boys the only ones that matter? Why is it that in a place of learning, a girl should put more focus on the clothes she wears than the lessons she is being taught, but boys can wear basically whatever they want and the focus on their lessons and work are given more significance?
More often than not, their outfit was distracting basically nobody UNTIL YOU SAID SOMETHING.
School starts and stops when the weather is hot outside. They wear shorts, tank tops, maybe even strapless shirts/dresses altogether, not to be a sex object or distraction, but to avoid having a heatstroke.
There's lots of schools that don't have air conditioning, or even a decent amount of fans, so these kids are in these grossly warm classrooms for what? 8 hours a day? They can't even wear something that would help them to stay the least bit cool?

Girls are not sexual objects. The mere sight of their arm or leg does not ruin a boys ability to focus in class and do his work properly. If it does, I think you should take the boy aside and teach him that he's being inappropriate by focusing on someone in a sexual manner instead of focusing on his work.
This shit even happens with little girls.

It's like when a woman breast feeds her child and some gross man comes up to her giving her shit for having the audacity to do so in public. She's literally FEEDING HER CHILDShe is using her breast for it's biological purpose. She is in no way, shape, or form being sexual towards you or anyone else. If you looked in her direction and saw a tit, that's your fucking problem. Nobody made you do that.
Women don't go outside with their babies and breast feed for attention. If a guy looks, that's on him. Nobody made him look. Just like nobody makes a male student look at a female student based on what she wears that day. Reprimand your male students for sexualizing another student as opposed to reprimanding your female students for being sexualized. Do not teach young girls that being sexualized in any way, shape, or form by someone is their fault just because of what they were wearing or doing.

I really think that schools should be using all the time they waste telling girls to cover up, to teach a proper sex education course, or maybe implement a better school dress code like this one:

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