Saturday, May 21, 2016

Transgender People Using Public Restrooms?

I don't get it, why make such a fuss over a man or woman using their respective bathroom just because the gender they identify with isn't the gender they were born with?
They might not be living a life you agree with or respect, but that's your problem, and your problem with them and who they are and how they live should not be something that makes it impossible for them to use a public restroom or live a safe, healthy and happy life. I can guarantee you that they are only in there because they have to pee, or shit, or just want to wash their hands or freshen up. They just want to be treated like a regular person, because that's what they are. They're not freaks, and how they identify themselves doesn't automatically make them creeps or pedophiles, much the same way that being or becoming a catholic priest doesn't automatically mean that you molest little boys. (But that is a legitimate issue that people should definitely be more aware of.)

Your stereo-types and generalizations are way more inappropriate than a trans individual needing to use a public restroom.
After all, a public restroom is just that, public. If people want trans individuals banned from normal public restrooms, make them their own nice public restroom that they can use as they please.
Like, I can understand the worry some parents may have over the safety of themselves and their children and, man, let me tell you, it doesn't matter what you say or who you try to have banned from a public restroom, if there is someone who wants to creep on a public bathroom in the hopes of doing who-knows-what, it doesn't matter what gender they are or what they identify themselves as or what you have to say about it, they're probably still going to do it.
Literally, you're worried over a trans man or woman using a public bathroom, but what's stopping a cis-gendered individual from being the dangerous creep you're oh-so-paranoid about? More often than not, if I hear a story from someone or read something online about a creep in a public restroom or someone that is a danger to the public, it's usually a run-of-the-mill, cis-gendered man who caused the problem, or even a crazy older cis-gendered lady.
Just stop generalizing and stereo-typing people. Like, c'mon, it shouldn't be this hard to just mind your own business in a restroom.

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