Monday, February 15, 2016

D.I.Y's (Do It Yourself) Projects

I've been looking around online at quite a few of these lately because I think they're interesting, and a neat way to really get creative and, of course, it's just something to do.
So, I wanted to blog about it, mostly because, though I want to blog, I don't really have anything to blog about at the moment.

So, first and foremost, I like to watch people do D.I.Y's on youtube. Mostly from this one channel called ThreadBanger: because, i mean, they're hilarious, they can really show you how some D.I.Y's are just plain ridiculous, and sometimes they make some pretty cool things.
After watching most, if not all of their videos, I started to look around for D.I.Y's or just crafts in general or organizational tidbits that I might do at some point when I can afford to get the supplies needed for any of them, and I'm going to make a list here of the ones I liked the most (and maybe occasionally update it) and share them with those of which see this and maybe you'll also enjoy them:

Gold Honey Bear Vase DIY
Gold Honey Bear Bottle Vases
Supplies you'll need include:
  • Gold Leaf Starter Kit
  • Honey Bottles in small and large (I'm not really sure where you can get these, maybe try your local grocery store)
  • Foam and paint brush
You're going to coat your bottle with adhesive and allow it to dry. When dry, it should be super sticky and ready for the gold. Adhere sheets of gold leafing and use a foam brush to gently press each sheet into the shape of the bottle. Gold Leafing is messy, so expect to repeat this step several times to achieve full coverage. Use sealer as a top coat and allow it to completely dry before use! Images and instructions sourced by:

Bunny Hand Puppets
Bunny Hand Puppets
For proper information and instruction on how to do this, please visit:


craft ideas for girls 14
This ones not so much a D.I.Y, as you can just buy it here but I thought it was a neat idea and a great way to organize.

Great way to re-purpose an old suitcase you don't use anymore.

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