Monday, August 3, 2015

My Thoughts On HitchBOT

As anybody who actually payed attention to HitchBOT, or even knew what it was, probably knows, HitchBOT met it's untimely end 2 weeks into it's journey across america in Philly.
I'm disappointed. I know, it might not seem like anything that matters because, let's face it, this is unfortunate but there's a shit ton going on that is way worse than the end of a small Canadian robots' life but it's still unfortunate. I think this was a cool experiment and a neat way to connect with people across the country and there is something so creepy about the fact that someone did this to HitchBOT that it actually really bothers me that this happened.

Was his head stolen with his electronic parts?
I feel like the reason that this bothers me is because it really shows how dangerous hitchhiking can be. In America, at least. Not even innocent robots are safe from dangerous strangers. It also shows that some people are just so careless towards other people that they would destroy someone's hard-work and something that means something to some people just for a laugh or to seem cool or for whatever shitty reason/excuse they might have.
I just don't see why something like that was necessary. It was seriously just such a cool idea and now it's garbage. It's a total shame.

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