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I sell clothes, vintage collectibles, knick-knacks, books, jewelry, bags, and various other things.
I just wanted to share this on my blog in case anybody who checks my blog out might be interested in looking at my Etsy or eBay page and what's on it:

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Below are several things from in my Etsy and eBay store with the links to their listings so you can check them out if you want.
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I try to add more things to my shops and keep this page updated as frequently as possible.
*NOTE*: These are only some of the listings from either shops. If you want to see all of the listings I have to offer, I recommend you check out my shops, if not, you can simply look at the things I share on this page.

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Clothes/Shoes/Accessories (Modern/Vintage): 
(If you see something you're interested in, just click the image to go to the listing)

              Multi-Colored Striped Crossbody Bag          Vintage 1980's Flings Red Genuine Snakeskin Kitten Heels Size 6.5  

Kitchen Ware:

Brand new 12 ounce, stainless steel frothing pitcher from the brand XCell. Ideal for preparing Cappuccino. Frothing milk is aided by tapered shape and large handle. Pitcher is crafted of heavy weight 18/8 stainless steel. 
The flap on the opening of the box is a bit bent but the box is otherwise in good condition and the pitcher itself is brand new and has never been used. The pitcher is a little over 6" wide from the spout to the handle and 5 1/5" tall:

Steamers: (click the image to go to the listing)

A junk lot full of vintage knick knacks and collectibles, ETC. You will get:

- A prepaid flip-phone. Still works, comes with charger and includes SIM card. The phone is dead so it will need to be charged before it will turn on.
- Nikon Coolpix s3000 for parts or repair. Does not come with any accessories and it does not work.
- White NeuTab 7'' Quad Core Android 5.1 Lollipop 1GB RAM 8GB 8.50503E+11 with a USB cable for charging and a spare wall charger. (Though it is in good shape physically and has been reset back to factory settings, it will not turn on past the allwinner screen and I can't seem to fix it despite having reset it back to factory settings. If you can resolve the issue, it will be a fully functioning tablet with about 8 gb of space that you can add onto with a micro sd card. Has front and back cameras, both fully functional. If you cannot resolve the issue, it can be used for parts.)
- A very small rose gold colored Pouch (does not have the zipper)
- A small multi-colored pouch.
- A vintage gold rose brooch.
- Two solar powered window decorations, one is a pig and the other is a butterfly in some sort of multi-colored pot. The pig one has never been opened.
- An orange jewelry box with a gold vintage pendant that has a mandolin design on it.
- Pink Sunglasses (100% eye protection against UVA & UVB. UV 400)
- A multitool that comes with it's own case.
- Another Multitool that is shaped like a key and can be carried with your keys.
- A seahorse shaped multitool.
- A multitool keychain keyring.
- A bottle cozy with a built in bottle opener
- A metal flask.
- A black light flashlight.
- A vintage music box thing that still works.
- 9 assorted pencils. 5 wooden, 4 mechanical.
- Vintage scissors that are, I think, for cutting hair.
- 4 collectible spoons. A San Antonio spoon, A St. Louis Exposition Spoon from the early 1900's, A Avon baby spoon, and a stainless steel gold spoon
- A small vintage bottle.
- 2 seashell bracelets.
- Rose Gold Stacking rings, size 6 or 6 1/2
- A pendant. 
- A vintage nail file
- A Betsy Johnson pendant (it's of a red umbrella)
- A 50 cent pack of pennies
- A chainless Hello Kitty pendant
- A little pink lunch container that is clean and comes with it's own small plastic fork and spoon. 
- A christmas themed small paint can.

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A medium sized (13.5 inch H / 8 inch W) shelf/curio/display. Cream colored with light green stripes. Has a matching drawer that can fit in either the center or bottom shelf but not the top. You could even take it out all together.
The shelf can be either put on a table/dresser, or screwed into the wall. (That's what I had done in the past, hence the holes in the center shelf.) There are two holes on the very top corners of the curio because I had put hooks in it, but they're obviously no longer there. The shelf is used but in good shape. Will be thoroughly cleaned before shipping:

An assortment of seashells, a piece of coral and what I believe is a sand dollar. These are "vintage" as I got these many years ago, probably around the late 90's or so. Great for decoration or whatever it is you might want to do with them:

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