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Snape loves Lilly?

Now, I, myself, am not a big Harry Potter fan, I know of it, and have read a couple books, but it was just never something I got into. Fortunately, I use Tumblr and happen to follow quite a few people who are very into the franchise and love it quite a bit. One thing I notice is how much people seem to want a guy to love them like Snape loved Lilly, and they romanticize Snape's interest in Lilly. That bothers me, honestly, because, I don't know, you want a love like that of a fictional character. It almost seems as strange as the girls who are overly obsessed with Twilight saying they'll wait forever until they find their 'Edward'. It's not even that it's a fictional relationship, both Edward and Bella's and Snape and Lilly's relationship were abusive and strange and obsessive in a way. More-so Edward and Bella's since Snape never actually had a relationship with her. They're just not the kind of relationships that people should want to get into, y'know? At least, that's what I think.

Now recently, I came upon this video about Love and what it is, and I liked it, for the most part, but I gotta say when she say 'like snape loved lilly' I was kind of put off. I mean, ship who you want, that's great, but still. Know who you're shipping and what their relationship is like.

 A while ago, I came across a post on tumblr with this image:

With the quote
"I dont want someone to love me like Edward loves Bella i dont want someone to love me like a fat kid loves cake.i dont want someone to love me like Romeo loves Juliet.I dont want any of that.
I want someone to love me, like Severus Snape loved Lily Potter."
And the user jawdust had this to say in response:

"I am so deeply bored with the romanticizing of Snape. I get it, he’s the brilliant, tortured, brooding Heathcliff of the piece, but he was also slimy, desperate and frequently despicable. His motivations were rarely selfless or pure. I acknowledge his eventual heroism, but I am seriously worried by the amount of people who wish to be loved in the way he loved Lily.
His love was obsessive. It was unrequited. He was so irrationally envious that he made her child’s life miserable because he looked like the man she loved. Snape tortured Harry purely because he was the product of a relationship that shattered his little emo heart. How is that acceptable or desirable?
I can only assume the people reblogging this have never actually experienced this obsessive breed of unrequited affection. When someone wants you this desperately and you’re unable to return those emotions it’s awkward, uncomfortable and unpleasant. It makes you feel like the bad person. It infiltrates your life, it plagues you with guilt, it damages the relationships you DO have. It makes you feel sick to your stomach because there’s something deeply invasive about someone thinking about you in that way when you don’t want them to. And I find it disturbing that Snape took his opportunity to hold her when she died, because in life she would never want that from him. Snape was utterly selfish in his love for her, almost to the extent he’d disregard her desires, as well as the happiness of everyone around her. It wasn’t good enough Lily was happy, because she wasn’t happy with HIM.
Lily had no interest in Snape. She was kind to him when no one else was, but she wasn’t attracted to him. Lily loved James. James was a young man with an ego. He was a bully, and he did unpleasant things, as most kids do, but that doesn’t negate the hero he became. James was courageous, and brave, and fiercely loyal. He became a fucking animagus at 15 to help his friend. He was brilliant, devoted, and he willingly, without hesitation, died to protect the family he adored. James was the love of Lily’s life, and Snape was the boy who was obsessed with her.
There’s nothing romantic about the way Snape felt for her. ‘Lasting’ doesn’t equate in desirable. If you WANT someone you have NO interest in to be obsessed with you, to the extent they will detest your child for not being theirs, then that’s all kinds of fucked up
I mean, I've had someone 'love' me when I had no interest in even being their friend. Granted, it was no where close to how snape felt, but that's not something I'd ever want to deal with or put up with. I didn't like the fact that the kid I went to high school with had feelings for me, in fact, I was intentionally a bitch to him in order to try and make him stop because I didn't want him to have those feelings (unfortunately that apparently didn't work). I didn't like him as a person, nor was I attracted to him. My best friend has dealt with an ex who was very obsessive with the girls he was interested in; namely, my BFF and his ex. You can read about him here.
Now, I may have not been in the relationship that she was, but I helped her get out of it. He ruined her during the time they were together, and that's not something I want teens or even little girls to look for in a relationship.

I don't know, this was just something I was thinking about, so I decided to make a post.

Lily did not choose James over Snape.
  • She stopped being friends with Snape in 5th year.
  • She didn’t start dating James till 7th.
  • She calls James an arrogant bullying toerag while she’s breaking it off with Snape.
  • She cites only destructive/unhealthy things Snape has done as reasons for why they can’t be friends anymore, nothing to do with James. 
  • Lily did not choose James over Snape.
  • Lily did not choose James over Snape.
  • Lily did not choose James over Snape.
  • Stop.

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