Friday, February 1, 2013

Pushy People

I HATE pushy people, like, you have no fucking idea. If you will, refer to my OkC post about online dating here.
Do you realize how many pushy people there are on that site?
At the moment I'm talking to this guy on there and he seems like a pretty decent person and his twin brother also happened to talk to me previously and he was the person I mention in the previous OkC post who was pushy about talking on skype and pushy about me trusting him, and though his twin brother is not as pushy as he is, he had recently said I could ask him anything if I wanted to know something about him and I am horrible at coming up with good questions and thinking of questions on the spot and so I told him that I am not good at coming up with questions and that he could just tell me anything he wanted to about himself. So he gets a little pushy about it, and I assume he was trying to act cute or something, and he starts insisting that I ask a question saying things like
"Haha oh come on I don't wanna be that easy ;) ask anything. Google questions if you have too :)"
I was considerably annoyed this morning because of my lack of sleep throughout the night so I honestly was in no mood to deal with this; so, instead of being snippy or rude I just decided to say that just telling me things about yourself wouldn't be considered 'easy' or anything, not to mention, I really don't want to go to all the trouble of googling questions, just because you want me to ask you stuff. No offense, but I tend to be lazy, especially on days where I couldn't sleep the night before.
He replies with
"Nope :) you gotta ask me something ;)"
 Can I please just mention how annoying I find it to be when people use smiley faces over and over and over in every message? I mean, nothing against them but seriously, just why?

Sure, he's not being too pushy, I'll give him that, but he's still being pushy. There was this guy once who kept pushing me to meet him. There's been a couple people who have done that.
This one guy even messaged me about wanted to hook up with me and have casual sex and that he'd set up a hotel room for us and everything and I am not comfortable having sex with someone I don't know, sorry, that's just how I am, so I declined his offer politely and he still sent me messages saying things like
"wish you were into meeting to just fuck >,<"
And saying things like 'text me I've got something to show you', which I assume was going to be a dick pic, but I had no interest in finding out so I didn't. Not to mention he has the same name as my father and I'm not comfortable having sex with anyone who has the same name as my dad.

I know it's a dating site, and you want to meet potential matches but not everybody on that site is going to jump into meeting strangers they barely know.
It's not even just strangers, I was with a guy for 2 1/2 years who tried repeatedly to push me into having sex going so far as to molest me in my sleep which I had to wake up to several times when I would sleep over at his house. He just did NOT listen to 'no' or 'stop' and I hate him because of it.
My parents are pushy about me getting along with my brother when I just don't fucking want to deal with him.
I went to high school with this red-neck guy who got angry over stupid bullshit all the time and was just generally obnoxious to deal with, we didn't get along, I didn't want to be his friend. He was basically just an ass. He, however, had feelings for me, and obviously I didn't return them and I would be rude to him or whatever to try and make him stop having feelings for me because I was not comfortable with him liking me. Despite all the fighting we would get into, he was pushy about trying to get along and be friends and I just didn't want to be his friend. I didn't want to deal with him, period. I have not seen or spoken to him since I graduated high school a couple years ago and he actually sent me facebook friend requests, like, several months ago. What? Why? Just... just no.
Not to mention, I don't want to deal with someone who gets angry a lot. I grew up with a father who had a short temper and it was not something I enjoyed, and I don't want to deal with it in a relationship. The only person I'd ever consider dating who had anger issues would be someone like Nick from New Girl. :P

Pushy people have come to be one of my biggest pet peeves and pushy people, who are also creepy, trigger my anxiety and paranoia. Especially when it comes to people on dating sites.
Lol, hell, even when it was just my mother being pushy about me getting up for school I'd get incredibly annoyed, or if I was tired enough, pissed off.
If you're overly pushy and we're not really friends, then that will probably make talking to you seem so annoying to me.


  1. If you hate pushy people like I do, then why are you pushy yourself?