Friday, January 25, 2013

Some people really think they're vampires? (A story)

One of my best friends had this boyfriend (Chris) a while back, who I'll give you a bit more detail on in a second, who thinks he is a vampire.

Ok, so my friend and I talk to this small group of people and whatnot and he used to be a part of that and after a while he started developing feelings for my friend, which isn't much of a problem until you realize he had a girlfriend (Christina) while this was happening. I mean, not that that stopped him from cheating a couple times before trying to be with my friend but still. 
Soon enough he was no longer part of the group because prior to being interested in Meg (my friend) he had this 'fling' with another friend that I no longer have contact with because she soon quit talking to the group after this occured. They sexted or something, idk, and I guess he thought he had feelings for her and she did something to betray him so after that he had his heart set on destroying her because of what she did and I don't really know what happened, and if I  ever did I have since forgotten, but my friend David and I got tired of all his drama and we wouldn't go along with it, or take his side over hers so he got all pissy with us and left the group, eventually saying that we forced him out of it.
He always acted like such a victim and was so full of himself, it was ridiculous.

We hung out in the virtual world on gaia and there's this area in the 'virtual hollywood' that looks like a bar, and people would mess around and act 'drunk' or go to the virtual counter and 'order a drink' and he would judge them. He'd shit on anybody who liked twilight or had their avatar dressed a certain way and he would just stroke his own ego and act like they were so far below him. Lol, like, a few days after he fucking graduated high school he was already acting like he was so much better than high schoolers. 

But anyway, back to my friend. She was dating this french guy, who was emotionally manipulative because of his own shitty insecurities and was horrible for her, I, personally, did not ever like him. He talked to our friends and whatever but I never liked him. He's a douchebag, and Chris would try to get her to dump him so he could swoop in and steal her away, while still being with his girlfriend. After a while he had convinced himself that his feelings for Meg were so strong that before she even thought she liked him, he dumped his girlfriend and went to her. He fed her compliments, treated her like a princess and spoiled her with affection in order to manipulate her into thinking that she, too, loved him, and it worked, which is unfortunate that she fell into his trap. 
And while this was all going on, his ex was still very much into him, obsessing in the forums over why he would do this and why Meg would make him leave her, and after a while she just got fed up and decided to try to move on and despite the fact that he left her he loved that she was still so into him because it made him feel like he was important. He still had his grasp on her and the second she started to move on, he couldn't have that. Despite him saying that he loved Meg more than anyone he's ever loved before, he decided he needed his ex back.

He hated us, her friends, because we would tell her he's not good for her, that he's manipulating her and that she is going to get hurt. He's a psycho, he has too many emotional and mental problems, and that he really shouldn't be dating anyone right now, but he fought our word, and tried to convince her that we were just trying to control her and make him look bad.
There was a period where Meg broke it off briefly deciding she needed a small amount of time to think (because even though they were together he thought about and talked about his ex constantly and she would tell me she was getting tired of it and that she would mention this to him but he just would not stop. Literally he was obsessed with his ex girlfriend.) and he freaked out, fleeing to his ex for comfort and Meg found out at a later date that he had apparently had sex with her the night this all happened and that they were having sex or something throughout the period of time that Meg and him had dated. 

I worked with her on trying to finally remove him from her life, because he was so bad for her emotionally, mentally, physically. He made her feel like she NEEDED him to survive and when they were going through all this shit she tried to kill herself several times and felt like her world was absolutely over when he finally decided that he NEEDED his ex back after she was trying to move on. He wanted to prove to his ex that he was a better person and he would say all these psychotic things about how he'd hurt her if she didn't comply with his wants or needs or whatever it was. 

Now, here's the point of the title of the post, he thought he was a vampire, he had told Meg he was a vampire and that he knew a whole bunch of vampire and they had their own forum where they'd talk to each other and whatnot, and they bashed people who were HUGE fans of twilight and would pretend they, too, were vampires.
First of all, no. You can claim you're a vampire all you want, who the fuck gives a shit but the second you start riding someone's dick because of what they choose to believe, you're a hypocrite and oh man, he was a BIG hypocrite. He made fun of so many people who thought they were vampires because of twilight, and he wouldn't talk about being a vampire to us because he was afraid of being made fun of, or being judged. How fucking hypocritical. If you don't want to be treated like shit for what you supposedly are, why would you treat someone like shit for what they think they are? Douchebag.

The best part was that he 'drank blood' and that's where his ex comes in to play. She would allow him to drink her blood and it would either be that he bit her neck or some old-school vampire movie bullshit, or he drank her period blood. I have reason to believe it was her period blood. ._.

I was recently reminded of all of this a couple days ago because of a guy on OkCupid mentioning in his profile that he is a 'vampire', and I played with the idea of posting this in my mind for a while before actually doing it because I have forgotten some of the details since it's been quite a while since this all went down, but I finally decided to post it because I figured he could pose as a good idea of the kind of people you should avoid online.

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