Monday, January 7, 2013

Justin Bieber smokes weed, fans cut. Wtf?

So, apparently, the Biebs has started to smoke pot, which fine, whatever, his life. He's not hurting anybody.
Except maybe his fans, through no fault of his own.

Are you serious? Apparently his fans have begun cutting themselves over this supposed travesty that is JB the pot smoker. If this is true, I honestly have no words. How can these girls be so stupid?

Sure, not all of his fans are absolute dipshits, but so many of them are.
They over-react when people don't like him, SOME OF THEM ACTUALLY FUCKING THREATENED SELENAS LIFE FOR BEING WITH HIM. Anyone remember the rumor that he had cancer, and then they shaved all their hair off for him without even trying to fucking find out if it's actually true or not. I mean, really?
What if he's not smoking pot and it's just another rumor?

Either way they're just being complete morons. You can want him to not smoke pot all you want, but it's his life and it honestly isn't effecting you in the slightest. Cutting yourself to try to get him to stop is not only a risk to your life, but it's emotional manipulation. You're like those psycho girlfriends who threaten their lives in order to get their boyfriend to stay with them or do what they want.
What the fuck is going to happen when one of these girls cuts without having any idea as to what she's doing and winds up killing herself? Cutting is a serious thing and someone smoking weed is absolutely no reason to start doing it.

What the fuck is he supposed to do about this shit? His fan are going to ruin his life one day. Again, not all of them, but the psychotic ones will. They take stuff from his personal life, make it their business and over-react about it whether it be that he has a girlfriend or that he's fucking smoking pot. It's like he's not allowed to live the way he wants to because they just insist on trying to have a say in how he lives.

I seriously hope the parents of these rabid fan-girls are going to do something about the shit they're willing to do for this guy because he's not worth it and they need to stop

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